Sunday, December 16, 2007

Imperial Treasures @ Suntec - Impromptu Outing

Well we wanted to go to the was the Bookfest @ Suntec than pop over to Sim Lim Square. Lotus, Bear and AV were there early. I dropped by after work. By the time I reached Suntec, they were already in Imperial Treasures Teochew Resturant.... somehow our outings always end up with food...lots of food ....

(All photos taken with handphone camera)

@ Imperial Treasures

Spicy Duck Tongues

Braised Pig Ears

HOT and SPICY Szechuan Noodles with Pig Rectum

Braised Beef Tendon Noodles

Xiao Long Bao

Salted Duck

Wonderful Stewed Pork!

We forgot to take pictures of these until they were like almost gone *lol*

'Hua Tiao' Chicken

Yummy Tofu with Century Egg

Dessert! Pumpkin Fritters dusted with Castor Sugar (Very nice!)

I (Elindra) had to go home to feed Mr Pinky Bear at home working up an appetite and a temper. Lotus, Bear and AV left for Sim Lim and after walking around Sim Lim, they headed over to Beach Road, Golden Mile Hawker Centre "where we ate some soup after our lunchtime insanity" - Bear

According to Bear, they had:
Lotus Fairy had Ginseng Chicken Soup
AV had Salted Veggie Duck
Bear had Pig Brain Soup

Blurry pics of Brain Soup

They even walked around and took a look at the bomoh shop there *lol*

All in all a wonderful outing :)

Friday, November 30, 2007

Carnivore again!!!

Here we are at Carnivore again!! One of the servers actually commented at 9 plus that our table had been eating non-stop since 6pm *blushes for the 3 huge eaters*

1. Elindra
2. LotusFairy
3. AV
4. Innohippo
5. KittyMeow
6. Kuali Baba
7. Bear
8. ZoraGirl
9. Tare
10. Keii
11. Kopisatu
12. SevenEleven
13. Bluejuice
14. Ghost18
15. 7-11

Chief Pilot

Some kind of Cheese Bread as a Starter

Fragrant Garlic Bread

Lamb!!! Baaaaaa~

Juicy Yummy Roast Beef

Honey Baked Ham

Bacon Wrapped Beef (Way too chewy for me. It could have been better) >.<"

Bacon Wrapped Chicken (Didn't try this but it looks better than the beef)

I give you my heart~ Delicious Chicken hearts~~~ (This has got to be the best dish!)
Do not be put off by the name! It's like an extremely richly flavored sausage. Do not turn it away!!

Sausages - Nothing beats cured hog in a 'tube'

Grilled Fish

Yummy Sweet Pineapple. Wonderful when eaten together with the Ham

Dessert! Chocolate Fondue

Some Shots of our Plates

Drinks @ Carnivore

Some rum with lime drink

No idea what this is but it taste good

While eating, fireworks went off outside! Everyone ran out and I bet the manager must have been really worried about people leaving and not paying!!

Beautiful Fireworks that is much better than those set off during National Day!

We went to White Dog Cafe after the fireworks. I'm not sure about the food but feedback about the coffee had been nothing but negative. Some pics~